Jesus Christ is the reason Lakeside Community Church exists. All of the Bible builds to the arrival, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Simply put, he’s the most important thing.

in the beginning

In the Beginning

Jesus is present in the very beginning. Through Jesus, everything comes to be. Everything created is called good until Adam and Eve introduce sin into the world and throw order into chaos. The story of the Bible is the story of God restoring this good and perfect creation and that plan culminates in Jesus Christ.

god in the flesh

God in the Flesh

Jesus was completely human and at the same time completely divine. He lived among the people he created, enduring everything they would and more. Because of this, we have a God who identifies with us in what we go through. He knows our hurts, pains, and trials because he lived them.

Jesus was executed by the Roman government by crucifixion. They thought they had stamped out another rebel and that the story was over. Little did they know, the story was just beginning.



If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, you wouldn’t be reading this website right now. Why? Because Lakeside Community Church would not exist. This event, this physical resurrection of Jesus, is the most important thing that has ever happened. Jesus proved he is who he says he is.

Because Jesus rose from the dead, we can put our hope, and trust, and faith in him. It’s this event that we base our lives upon